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Do you have plagiarism in your article?

 Hello friends today  I am going to tell that how to find out in which sentence he/she do copy paste 

or her/his sentence   is 100% unique .

so lets start 

first you have to open link call small seo tools you have to open this link 

when you will open this the view will like this 

so when you go down you will see a place to post a article 
so paste the article or if you want to insert URL you can

so I am pasting article

so if you have done by pasting article or inserting URL any way then go down and you will see two  button click on plagiarism checker 

so it will take some time 

so you have to note when its its 100%checking  and 0% plagiarism and 100% unique 

so its mean that his/her article has no plagiarism 

if there is any plagiarism so its mean  that he/she do copy paste

so by this way you can easily find out plagiarism from any article  



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